Top Patisseries in Paris


Forget designer boutiques and haute couture, for me Paris is all about the Patisseries. Below are my favourites.

The selection at Pierre Herme

The stunning selection at Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme In my opinion, Pierre Herme does THE best macaroons in Paris. His creations are luxurious, delicious and really impressive on the eye. You must try the Ispahan, Caramel, Chocolate and valoute satin – but my absolute favourite is the Vanilla & Olive Oil.

72 rue Bonaparte, 6th, +33 1 43 54 47 77. Métro: Saint-Sulpice. Open Mon-Fri, Sun 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-7.30pm. 185 rue de Vaugirard, 15th, +33 1 47 83 89 96. Métro: Pasteur. Open Tue, Wed, 10am-7pm, Thu-Sat, 10am-7.30pm, Sun 10am-6pm.

The stunning opera cakes at Sadaharu Aoki

The beautiful opera cakes at Sadaharu Aoki

Sadaharu Aoki I love Sadaharu Aoki. He is known for using traditional Japanese ingredients and flavors in French-style pastries. The flavours here blew my mind – I literally cannot stop thinking about it. The black sesame and matcha eclairs were divine, and the lemon tart was close to perfection.

56 boulevard de Port-Royal, 5th, +33 1 45 35 36 80. Métro: Les Gobelins. Open Tue-Sat, 11am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm. 35 rue de Vaugirard, 6th, +33 1 45 44 48 90. Métro: Rennes or Saint-Sulpice. Open Tue-Sat, 11am-7pm, Mon 10am-6pm. 25 rue Pérignon, 15th, +33 (0)1 43 06 02 71. Métro: Ségur. Open Tue-Sat, 11am-7pm.

The vibrant eclairs at

The vibrant eclairs at L’ Éclair de Génie

L’ Éclair de Génie‎ Éclairs are making a fashionable comeback at the moment and L’ Éclair de Génie‎ by Christoph Adam seems to be leading this wave. L’ Éclair de Génie‎ is a very chic shop with colourful eclairs just begging to be eaten! My favourite was the Vanilla & Pecan – followed second by Pistachio & Orange. They are not cheap, at 6.50 euro each – but definitely worth it.

14 Rue Pavee, 75004, +33 1 42 77 85 11. Métro: Saint-Paul. Open Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm, Saturday-Sun 10am-7.30pm.