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Orange Chocolate Chip Polenta Cake

The orange top looks impressive and keeps this cake nice and moist. We love this cake! Ingredients: Topping: 3 oranges 80g caster sugar 2 tbsp water 150g butter Cake: 200g unsalted butter 200g caster sugar 4 eggs, beaten 2tsp orange extract (orange oil/blossom water will

coconut slice

Vegan Coconut Slice

You can also store these in the freezer as the coconut filling becomes just like an ice cream. They are healthy and so so good! Ingredients: Base 1/2 cup almonds 1/4 cup shredded coconut 6 dates, pitted 1 tbsp coconut oil Coconut filling 2 cups

matcha brownies

Matcha, Macadamia & White Choc Brownies

White chocolate is used in the mixture so you could call them blondies, although they definitely are not blonde, so maybe call them greenies? Whatever you call them they are worth every gram of the not-so-healthy ingredients listed below! Ingredients: 120g unsalted butter 200g white

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Summer Celebration Cake

Summer Celebration (Baby Shower) Cake: This delicious cake is easy to put together to create a perfect summer showstopper … Sponge: 340g butter, softened 340g caster sugar, sifted 6 eggs, at room temperature 340g self-raising flour 2 tsp baking power 2-3 tbsp milk Oil, to

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Indulgent Clotted Cream Recipes

Clotted Cream Recipes: Super thick, creamy and rich Clotted Cream is one of the most indulgent and delicious dessert ingredients! It’s traditionally made in Devon and Cornwall, served with scones, cakes, desserts or made into ice cream and biscuits. Here you’ll find our favourite recipes

shortbread biscuits

Clotted Cream, Pistachio & White Choc Shortbread Biscuits

Shortbread biscuits are easy not to go wrong and they generally remain in the same shape as when you put them in the oven. The clotted cream is what makes these so good, they just melt into your mouth. Makes 15 biscuits Ingredients: 125g butter,


Chia, Macadamia & White Choc Flapjacks

These flapjacks are made with bananas and honey instead of lashings of golden syrup and sugar. That’s why you shouldn’t feel guilty when generously applying the white chocolate… Adding the Chia seeds is a great way of packing in energy, but it won’t make much

Lemon Raspberry Tart Recipe

Lemon & Raspberry Tart

Lemon Raspberry Tart Recipe: Although I don’t suggest you make this tart without the lemons, the secret is in fact the orange. Adding this to the filling helps break up the sourness given off by the combination of lemons and raspberries. Ingredients: Pastry: 200g flour


Choux Custard Creme Buns

Light and airy buns filled with custard. They are great with or without topping but my favourite is matcha or a simple chocolate icing. Each part is really simple but requires attention to detail when preparing. Follow the method below and rest assured you will

easter baking recipes

Easter Baking Recipes

Easter Baking Recipes: We love Easter and it’s the perfect excuse to get baking! Celebrate with these Easter Recipes for baking, decorating and other yummy treats.