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mixed tempura

Crayfish and Vegetable Tempura

A jumble of some of the best things to cover in batter. Ingredients: Make as many pieces as you wish from the below: Pumpkin Aubergine Lotus root Shishito peppers Crayfish tails For the batter: 100g plain flour, sieved 1 egg 220ml ice cold water, best


Sweet Potato & Turkey Flaxseed Croquette

This is up there as one of my favourite healthy alternative recipes to a Japanese croquette. The potato, pork and breadcrumbs are switched with sweet potato, lean turkey and flaxseed and the great thing is they still taste guilty. It’s worth making a big batch

Salad Recipes: Soba Noodle Green Salad

Soba Noodle Green Salad

Soba noodles are packed with nutrients and make a great salad. The best part is the generous amount of sesame dressing which you can mix in after serving. Serves 2 Ingredients: 150g soba noodles 2 handfuls coriander, chopped 2 handfuls edamame beans 1 red onion,


Raw Vegetable & Chicken Sesame Salad

This salad ticks all the boxes. Delicious being what matters most but its super heathly too. Serves 2 Ingredients: For the salad: Chicken, cooked and shredded (the equiviant of 2 chicken breasts worth) 2 handfuls of kale, chopped 1 handful flat leaf parsley, chopped 1

Courgetti Recipe: Courgetti with Tomato, Chilli & Garlic

Courgetti Recipe with Tomato, Chilli & Garlic

Courgetti is a brilliant alternative to pasta – it’s nutritional and extremely low in calorie! I’ve used the OXO handheld spiralizer for this courgetti recipe, it’s really easy and quick to use and small which means it takes up no space in your kitchen. You


Spiced Lemon Chicken Rice

Spiced Lemon Chicken Rice Recipe: I love meals that are all made in one pan. I usually make this with chicken leftovers and homemade stock (but its not essential!). The spice mainly comes from the turmeric, which isn’t that hot, so if you fancied more of a

Turkey Bake with Broccoli

Turkey Broccoli Bake

Turkey Bake with Broccoli Recipe: Christmas ends – the food definitely doesn’t! Freshen up your leftovers with this Turkey Bake with Broccoli. Ingredients for the Turkey Bake: 1-2 small bowls of leftover turkey (tear/shred into smaller chunks if not already) 500ml stock (chicken or vegetable)


Healthy Prawn Fajitas

Prawn Fajitas Recipe: These healthy prawn fajitas are super quick and easy to prepare – plus they’re healthy too! Serve with wholegrain rice and tortilla. Ingredients: 300g fresh raw king prawns (peeled) 2 red peppers 2 limes 1 bunch of coriander (chopped) 1 onion (finely


Fregola Recipe: Pea & Pancetta

Pea & Pancetta Fregola Recipe: I’m surprised Fregola isn’t used more often; it provides the same satisfaction you get from a hearty bowl of risotto whilst hitting that pasta craving at the same time. Cooking it with peas and pancetta is my absolute favourite combination.

Mediterranean Style Roast Cod

Mediterranean-Style Roast Cod

This oven-baked cod with tomatoes, potatoes and herbs makes a brilliant healthy and gluten-free dinner. It’s easy to prepare and packed full of flavour. Serves 2-3 Cooking time: Approx 60 mins Ingredients 650g cod loin (cut into 4 pieces) 3 large tomatoes (cubed) 4 medium/large