Crispy Fried Courgette Flowers

Fried courgette flowers are a favourite in Italy — They can be served on their own as a starter or appetiser. It’s important to get the batter as thin and crisp as possible.

Serves 2-3

300g Courgette Flowers
180 Flour
250ml water
salt as much as you like
Rapeseed oil

1. Mix water and flour with a whisker, add the salt.
2. Heat rapeseed oil on a high temperature in a deep frying pan – the oil needs to be about an inch deep.
3. Dip the flowers into the flour mix so that they’re evenly coated, shake off any excess and then fry them in the hot oil. Deep fry them until they are crispy and golden.
4. Take the flowers out of the oil and place onto kitchen roll.
5. Serve alone, or with fresh salad.