Juice Cleansing: Top 10 Tips

Ultra Skin Cleansing JuiceA Juice Fast, whether it’s a 1, 3 or 5 day ordeal is something that we should all do every now and then.  There are many benefits that come with a juice cleanse and it’s remarkable what positive transformation will follow. Here are our top tips to help you get the most out of your next cleanse:

1. Be prepared. Drawing up a plan of what you’ll be drinking makes life a lot easier as you can buy all of the ingredients up front. If you’re planning on bottling up your juices and doing a cleanse on-the-go you can make your daily supply. I find knowing what’s coming helps me to focus and stick to the end-goal.
2. Be strong. Juice fasts are far from easy. The first day is the hardest, as your body will experience a detox reaction – I felt irritable and just wanted to be in bed the first time I fasted. You need to stay focused and remember why you’re doing it in the first place. If you are starting to struggle try mediation to relaxing music, make another juice, or go for a walk and get some air. It gets easier!
3. Tea. Stock up on herbal teas before you do a juice cleanse – avoid any caffeine products. It helps you to stay warm, especially in winter and makes a nice change from juice.
4.Eat light afterwards. Once you’ve finished your juice cleanse, stay away from meat, refined sugar, dairy, wheat and try to eat only organic food.
5. Drink slow. Sip your juice throughout the day, rather than drinking them fast. This will allow your body to properly absorb the nutrients, you’ll be less hungry and this should help to make the cleanse easier.
6. Drink a lot of water. You should do this every day anyway, but drink a lot of water between your juices. Staying hydrated helps your body to get rid of toxins.
7. Go easy on the exercise. Any heavy exercise will burn a lot of calories and will make you feel faint and fatigued. 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day such as walking, swimming, cycling or yoga will really help your mood and provide distraction.
8. Break a sweat. This can be difficult given you’re not able to do intense exercise. Sweating is a great way for your body to expel toxins. Try and goto a sauna, or do some hot yoga to get things moving.
9. Choose the right cleanse.
Do a bit of research and choose a cleanse that suits you. If you’re new to juicing then you should go for a shorter cleanse, perhaps a weekend or 3 days. Juice cleanses with a bit more sugar tend to be easier, and purely green cleanses are probably for the more experienced juicer. However, this is very much down to the individual!
10. Clear your diary. There are definitely times to juice cleanse and times to not. It’s best to cleanse when you can relax at home, or if there is not very much going on at work. It can be very draining on the brain and you definitely won’t be your sharpest. It’s also easier when you’re away from temptation, and social situations.