Black Tagliatelle with Clams & Bottarga

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this pasta dish tastes amazing and is sure to impress. It’s really simple and quick to prepare. It uses Bottarga – a Mediterranean delicacy of salted, cured fish roe, typically from grey mullet or tuna. Bottarga can be hard to get hold of outside of Italy, so if you can’t get your hands on some this recipe is still delicious without.

2 cloves of garlic
3 tbsp olive oil
20g Bottarga (finely grated)
A handful of fresh parsley (finely chopped)
280g Jar of Vongole in Brine
250g Dried Tagliatelle with black squid ink (if you cannot find this, plain tagliatelle or spaghetti is fine)
A pinch of salt

1. Heat 3 tbsp olive oil in a deep frying pan
2. Crush two garlic cloves and add to the pan
3. Pour the vongole, along with brine and leave to cook for 5 minutes
4. Bring a large pan of water to the boil and add salt
5. Add the pasta and take out of the water a couple of minutes before it’s fully cooked. Drain the water off.
6. Add the pasta to the pan with the vongole and allow the pasta to cook a little more for 2-3 minutes in the broth. Stir well.
7. Take the pan off the heat. Serve.